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Mental health matters in the workplace.

Do your people leave their mental health in their car when they come in to work? No. They bring it with them. Mental health issues are pervasive. One in four adults struggle with their mental health: 25% of your workforce. 

This is a high cost to your organization. Mental health issues cause absenteeism, presenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased employee turnover. Addressing this is a high priority. 

Identifying the primary pain points of your organization, Dr. Mork will provide resources, mental health training for employees, and other consulting services to improve morale, enhance employee mental health, and help your company’s bottom line. The U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD says, “A health workforce is the foundation for thriving organizations and healthier communities….we have an opportunity and the power to make workplaces engines for mental health and well-being.” 

Let Dr. Mork help you become such an engine for mental health and well-being. Your organization’s mental health matters.


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