My Professional Story:

I am a psychology professor, speaker, podcaster, author and grief coach. My doctorate is in clinical and forensic psychology.

My Personal Story:

After high school, I backpacked across seven countries in Africa. My parents died shortly after I returned to the US, leaving me feeling orphaned and untethered.

I worked as an actress in Los Angeles until a severe autoimmune disease took me away from the stage. I ended up homeless in LA until I found my resolve to return to the Midwest to attend college and then graduate school.

Because the medications from the disease caused significant weight gain, I worked very hard to lose over 100 pounds in my early 40’s.

Then I lost my husband to a swift, severe battle with lung cancer, leaving me to parent our two children alone.

Today's Story:

We are flourishing with humor, gratitude and grit. We are making some beautiful stories.