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Mental Health Matters

How’s your mental health? If you’re not doing well, you’re not alone.

We are a nation in a mental health crisis. One in four adults this year will report some kind of mental illness. Half of our 18–35-year-olds are suffering. Teens have higher rates of anxiety today than the average psych ward patient in the ’50s. Children’s mental health has been declared a National State of Emergency.

But when I am standing in the ER with my son as he describes his suicide attempt to a nurse,
these statistics feel irrelevant. Suddenly this is personal—only my son’s mental health matters. Your mental health matters too.

Dr. Melissa Mork is a tenured Professor of Clinical and Forensic Psychology for a Department of Psychology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. She is the Founder and CEO of Mental
Health Matters, LLC. She is a celebrated international speaker, psychotherapist, coach, and Certified Humor Professional (CHP).

She serves as a consultant in the US and abroad on topics of mental health and stigma. She also provides crisis grief interventions and mental health triage for communities immediately following mass shootings, traumatic suicides, and other catastrophic community events.

Dr. Mork is the author of the books, “Mental Health Matters,” and “Bounce: From surviving to thriving through loss. She contributed a chapter called “Laughter at a Funeral” for “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving, Loss, and Healing,” and is the host of the podcast, “Mental Health with Dr. Melissa Mork.”